Titcomb Basin

*I initially wrote this as a trip report for our shop’s blog: www.greatoutdoorshop.wordpress.com, but since it involves a family outing I’ve also listed it here. Plan on seeing more of these.*

First off, I’m going to just go ahead and admit my bias: I love Titcomb Basin more than any other place in the Wind River Range. Bear this in mind when my prose gets poetic, and my descriptions get thick. I love it. If you’ve been there, you understand. If you haven’t, well, maybe this post will get you there. Seriously. You should go there.

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Thanks, Tonka.

Sierra heads back to Nebraska every summer for a week or so to spend time with her grandparents and cousins. We generally have huge piles of hand-me-downs that we give to Josh’s sister for our niece to grow into, but this time we also had something we knew our nephews would latch onto. After nearly 9 years, Sierra decided it was time to send her huge, metal Tonka dump truck to a new home. I nearly cried as she wheeled it out the door for the last time.

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I come from a long line of storytellers, I guess. At the very least, it started with my dad, who truly relishes the times when he can be waving his arms emphatically and holding people in the grips of a tale too wild to be anything but believed. Since not a lot is known about either of my extended families, I can only assume that it is a family trait that has been passed down through the generations of my family.

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The Humanity of Children

I have deliberately NOT written about the horrific massacre in Newtown, Connecticut that took place just before Christmas.  Singularly, I felt that nothing could be gained emotionally by writing about it, and as a parent it is drastically difficult to think about such a detestable act being reality.  First, and foremost, my sincerest apologies to all involved, however directly or indirectly related to the tragedy that took place on that fateful day.  Please understand my intentions in this writing are motivated solely by my humblest attempts to reconcile what happened, and in no way are meant to dissect, offend, or critique the actions of anyone at all.

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Rules for Moms and Daughters

The mother/daughter relationship can be one of the strongest bonds in a family, or it can be the weakest. I’m certainly not vying for Mom of the Year award here, but as Sierra gets older I have learned how lucky I am to have the mom I do. Along the way she has taught me some incredible lessons, and I have certainly passed some of these along to Sierra. Each child is different, however;I have learned so much about parenting from Sierra herself. In this post, I have listed some of the rules I try to live by to forever strengthen the bond Sierra and I share. These “rules” are guidelines for both the mother and daughter, even if written from a parent’s perspective. If mama doesn’t know it or do it, how can she pass it on? Learn together and strengthen your bonds!

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Giving Thanks.

The holiday season is upon us, and I face the upcoming events with mixed emotions. If you know me, you know that I really don’t care for Christmas. When I say that, I get the most ridiculous backlash from people, so I always feel that I need to clarify a couple points. I love getting to be with family. I love the magic that shines in Sierra’s eyes. I love the traditions we have that make Christmas Eve special, like homemade candy cane ice cream and sleeping under the tree. I hate the gift-giving induced stress that turns people into bitter trolls. I hate Christmas carols, with a special, reserved hatred for Santa Baby in particular. I really hate It’s A Wonderful Life; we usually watch the Grinch (the legit Grinch, not that Jim Carrey garbage).

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