Oatmeal Reese’s Pieces Cookies

Since I got such an awesome box of baking goodies yesterday, I’ve been on a roll. I made brownies, two types of muffins, banana bread, and today…Oatmeal Resse’s Pieces Cookies.

I like this cookie because it’s simple, it packs a punch, and since it has oatmeal in it, I can pretend that it’s good for me. Manlegs likes them with his coffee, and Turbo…well, that girl wouldn’t eat a cookie if I paid her money to do it. “Those aren’t healthy,” she says to me. Whatever.

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Chocolate Mint Browniegasms

So, I dig cooking, which is probably obvious. But I really LOVE baking. I mean, dinner is good and all, but who wouldn’t rather just eat dessert? Don’t even pretend to be an adult when you mentally answer that. I know that everyone would rather eat dessert, so get off your high horse and eat some treats.

I believe wholeheartedly that chocolate combined with mint is one of the greatest food marriages of all time. Period. Seriously. I mean, chocolate and peanut butter is up there, as well, but there is something so wonderful about the crispness of mint in your chocolate that you could almost forget how fattening it is while you’re eating it and licking your fingers. Almost. And, you know, the thought of how bad it is for you is almost enough to prevent me from eating it all. Almost.

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Homemade Snickers Bars

Wowzers, I make one little mention on how Josh and Sierra have been moved to treating me like a goddess because of my homemade Snickers bars and my Facebook page exploded with recipe requests. So, here I am. Unfortunately, since I didn’t plan on posting this recipe on the blog when I made them, I didn’t take any photos of the process, so you’ll have to use your lovely imaginations. Also, this recipe moves pretty quickly and it just wouldn’t have been possible to both make the heavenly deliciousness and snap photos, so I went with my gut and decided to just make it. Don’t fret; unless you’re totally hopeless in the kitchen (like you somehow burn Jell-o or something) you should be able to replicate this without a photo play-by-play. The photos I did take, I took with my phone, so they are less than optimal. Oh well.

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Sweet Potato Brioche Rolls

Thanksgiving is coming in just a couple days! Josh’s family always gathers together for turkey day, and there’s tons of folks about. This year, the turnout was thought to be around 45 hungry people, so I offered to make a couple of things to help spread the cooking around a bit. I wanted to make a Thanksgiving-y type of roll so I figured I’d slap these together.

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Herbed Red Potatoes

I love potatoes. LOOOOOOVE. Seriously, potatoes are the only reason I even make food. Josh and Sierra need real food, but I’d be totally happy just eating potatoes for the rest of my life. If we go out to eat (an extreme rarity) I will order two potato sides without flinching instead of something sensible like a salad.

The only thing better than potatoes are FAST potato recipes. When we first moved to Wyoming I couldn’t figure out why on earth my baked potatoes were never done in time to eat with the rest of the meal. Eventually, it dawned on me that EVERYTHING needs more cooking time at altitude. But, when it comes to potatoes, the faster the better in my opinion. Which brings us here.

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Pumpkin Pie Cookies

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, I decided that my first cooking post should be these Pumpkin Pie Cookies.

These cookies do not have pumpkin in them. I hate pumpkin. They are called Pumpkin Pie cookies because they look like this:

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