Genetics are crazy.

Lots of folks we know are having babies right now, and I love to see the pictures of their little nuggets. I like to see specific features that tie back to their parents.

I look like my dad. I always have, and I always will. I look so much like my dad that, even as a child, people who knew him could see him in my face and would ask if we were related. If we were together, side-by-side, there was never any doubt, and there still isn’t. We like to tease people with it. When my parents were visiting in January, whenever I introduced my dad to someone they would just get stuck looking back and forth at the uncanny similarities between my dad and I, and I would say, “Yeah, I really take after my mom.” just to watch the confusion on their faces as they tried to figure that out.

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While I was searching our bookshelves (yes, shelves, as in more than one) for something to read tonight, this caught my eye, and caught it in such a way that I had to sit on the floor and pull it off of the shelf. It was on the very bottom shelf, clear to one side, and had probably been there untouched since we moved here. I smiled, and felt a fluttering in my heart when I pulled it out.

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Mom Things I Suck At

I’m not proud. I mean, okay, I am, but I can at least admit my faults, my mistakes, and the things that I suck at. For instance, I suck at making pancakes. Manlegs makes the pancakes here because I just cannot do it properly. I also suck at not eating every bowl of homemade chocolate pudding in the house. I allow myself to make chocolate pudding only once a year, because I know that I will eat it all in a single day.

*Ahem* Anyway.

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New Year, New Goals!

I think that we must always seek to better ourselves. Forget those well-intentioned, but rarely followed New Year’s Resolutions…we should ALWAYS work at self-improvement. Every day. Every hour, every second…to live a life without striving to be the best you can be, or to live a life without experiencing your full potential seems hopelessly redundant.

So, we Hattans have decided to tackle Spanish. As a family, we’re just going to go for it. It’s pretty exciting, and it has been a challenge to find a language software program that will suit both Josh and I as adults, and Sierra as a child. I think I’ve got it, though:

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Hattan Herald 2013

Every year during the holidays I work my butt off writing our annual family newsletter. I work my butt off even more addressing the blasted envelopes. But, hey, ’tis the season, right?

Anyway, after this year I’m seriously considering just doing online posts for the most part…because I spent well over a month writing the Herald and addressing the over 90 envelopes to send out and I received EIGHT cards back. Seriously. Eight. What the heck is that, people? Shame! I don’t want to sound awful here, but I really, REALLY don’t have a lot of spare time to burn. I missed out on family time. Sometimes I didn’t eat dinner, or I stayed up for hours after working 11 hour days and after Josh and Sierra were in bed working on the mailers. I make a huge effort in writing and mailing out the Heralds, and it was pretty discouraging to only receive 8 cards in return for all of that work. So, from here on out, I suppose you all should count on watching for the Herald posting online. I’ll mail you a copy if I received a card from you this year, and I’ll mail out copies for those who are unable to follow my postings online, and that’s that. Of course, this may not come to fruition at all. I’m especially frustrated right now about it, but by next Christmas season I’ll probably be all excited again. We’ll see. Don’t hold your breath.

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Thanksgiving is approaching in just a couple of weeks. It is hands-down my favorite holiday by a long shot. Okay, I’ll be cynically honest. Thanksgiving is the only holiday that I actually like at all, and I LOVE IT.

I love the weather. I love the food. I love the family. I love, love, LOVE that it in no way requires presents.

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Angel Wreath

Time for another Christmas tradition post. As many of you know, Sierra always leaves out a bag of toys and clothes on Christmas Eve for Santa to take away after his visit. He distributes them to kids who need just a little bit extra each year. “Santa” has a pretty difficult time sneaking that bag of goodies out the front door at 2 in the morning, loading it up in his “sleigh” and driving them over to the local donation center, I assure you. I also can assure you that it’s worth it all for her to understand that there will ALWAYS be less fortunate kids out there, and that Christmas cheer should be available to EVERYONE, despite income level.

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Just Say No…to Elf on the Shelf

The holiday season is approaching, and my Facebook news feed and Pinterest recently pinned boards are flooded with “Adorable” and “Creative” ideas for this year’s Elf on the Shelf antics for some suburban family or another. I’ve decided that I’m just going to say it.


If you just love Elf on the Shelf, this post probably isn’t for you.

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I demand to know why I should live someone else’s idea of life instead of my own. I will not wear another person’s shoes, but rather, I will wear my own. By such a simple standard, I should also live by my own rules and beliefs. Like shoes, it is the only way to get the best fit.

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