My name is Sierra Michelle Hattan.

My dad named me Sierra because he loves the mountains, and the mountain life, and so do I.

My mom named me Michelle because it is also her middle name. This way I always have a piece of her with me.

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Swim Meet


Stretch, breathe, breathe, hold.

Deep breath, fill chest, hold.

Marks! Dive!

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Scorpions are dangerous because of their venomous tail that can cause painful stings on intruders or a prospective meal. Any species of scorpion can be dangerous if they feel disturbed or threatened. Their sting is their defense mechanism and they will attack if they feel vulnerable, even if their victim meant them no harm. People can have defense mechanisms, too.

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Yoga Fish

Some fish are red,

Some fish are blue,

Some are like me-

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High red cliffs
Ancient marks on the canyon walls
Steep rough walls
cut through manless lands.

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Frosty windows
sledding, skating, skiing
snowball fights, building snowmen,

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Wolves howl at the glistening moon
in the starry sky with pride.

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Wolves of the Beyond

In a place called Yellowstone National Park there is lots of wildlife such as wolves, elk, moose, bison (or buffalo), and lot of other amazing animals and birds. But this story is all about wolves. If you ever think wolves are cute and cuddly animal friends you should know that they are really not. If you have ever heard of the word predators, you will know that a wolf is one of those animals that can be very dangerous. Here are some species of wolves. The Black Wolf, Gray Wolf, and the White Wolf populate many areas. Any species of wolf can be dangerous.

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