A blank piece of paper and a few minutes later you have made a beautiful picture called ART.

You can draw. You can paint. You can write.

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“Don’t Panic.”

…but Fear twists inside me like a snake.

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The Rainbow

Crash, bang, bang, bang goes the thunder and lightning of a terrible storm, but it doesn’t last long.

Soon, every plant, leaf, and flower is as dry as the desert sand.

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Dream Seeker

Sparks fly.

With all of this erosion, I might die.

The moonlight bathes us in love,

sparks begin to move.

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Things Sierra Says – 2009 (5 Years Old) – 2012 (8 Years Old)

For a number of years, I kept track of everything hilarious that Sierra said on a Facebook page. She ultimately had 200 fans who would regularly check in to see what kind of funny thing she said most recently. As she got older, the funny things began to die down because she just understood more, and was more logical. In any case, I deleted the page, but not before compiling each saying that was still up and available to read here. I started with the posts from when she was the youngest, and they follow her increasing age as you read down. Enjoy, and thank you to all who enjoyed the Facebook page!

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Good Times



All times.

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