The Hattan Herald 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!

I broke my wrist and banged myself up bombing downhill on my snowboard yesterday afternoon and, thus, am gimpy as all get out right now. Therefore, there will be a slight delay in the mailing of the Heralds this year, because it’s hard to stuff envelopes with one hand, ya know?

But, do not fear! I have posted it for your reading pleasure.

Hattan Herald 2014

Read and enjoy! I’ll get them mailed just as quickly as my gimpy body will allow.

Happy Holidays!

“Does this happen…frequently?”

“Yes. All of the time.”

That was part of the conversation Manlegs and I had after going to the grocery store together. For the past two weeks, we have gone grocery shopping as a team, which is not generally the case. However, we have had meetings out of town and whenever I’m out of town I hit up a grocery store. Since he was with me, he tagged along. It’s actually quite efficient. He pushes the cart at his normal pace and I’m flying all over the store at my pace, picking up the items that I need, and running them back to the cart. Rinse. Repeat. When we’re together, we break grocery shopping time records.

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Class Picture Day


Do you remember school pictures? Some kids get way into it. Some don’t care about it one way or another. Turbo….well, Turbo really hates having her picture taken. She’s like Manlegs and I both in that way. You’d think that class picture day was slow torture. We have to build her up for it, just like we do when it’s time for shots. Seriously.

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Turbo’s Pumpkin


It was pumpkin carving night at Casa de Hattan. Pumpkin seeds are, I think, the only food that Turbo absolutely will not eat. She has tried them on several occasions, and just hates them. Straight up. Manlegs will eat them if they are sitting there, but he in no way HAS to have the pumpkin seeds baked, so I just don’t do it. When I was a kid, the pumpkin seeds were pretty much the best part of carving the pumpkins, and it’s pretty difficult for me to just dump the pumpkin guts, seeds and all, into the garbage can. But, it is what it is.

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Long Lake


*I initially wrote this as a trip report for our shop’s However, I tweaked it a bit on this posting.*

Manlegs and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous fall day and head to Long Lake for some fishing. And by “fishing” I mean that he actually fished and I actually read a good book.

Here’s the deal: Long Lake is beautiful. Long Lake is quiet. Long Lake is easy to get to. Why?

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Leopard and Cheetah, Turbo and Gog, Sierra and Liz


When I was digging around in my cupboard for my recipe book today I found these photos that I had sealed away for safekeeping, and I got totally distracted as I opened them up and looked through them again.

When Turbo was very small, I thought about having a portrait done of her…and then I just never did. I don’t know why I never did. The thought would enter my brain every now and then, and I’d just kind of shove it aside. It wasn’t for any specific reason, but there was a hesitation there and I never really could figure out why I just didn’t get it done.

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