Spicy Brownie Bottom Cheesecake

That sounds weird. I know it. But I also know that it is not, in fact, weird. It’s amazing.┬áBut don’t just take my word for it. Although, really, have I ever led you astray? You should totally take my word for it, with confidence no less! But you should still make it.

The Hattan Herald 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! I broke my wrist and banged myself up bombing downhill on my snowboard yesterday afternoon and, thus, am gimpy as all get out right now. Therefore, there will be a slight delay in the mailing of the Heralds this year, because it’s hard to stuff envelopes with one hand, ya know? But, … Continue reading The Hattan Herald 2014

The Line

Manlegs and I were told this week that we aren’t feeding Turbo enough for as active as she is. We were told that she is just way too skinny. This was not coming from her doctor, or any of her coaches, or anyone that matters. It was from another parent.

Flannel Sheets

My husband wins the husband race. And I’ll tell you how I know. Normally I don’t go in for this whole mommy-wars type of thinking, but right now it’s super cold here and I just know that he wins. I know that made very little sense.

Class Picture Day

Do you remember school pictures? Some kids get way into it. Some don’t care about it one way or another. Turbo….well, Turbo really hates having her picture taken. She’s like Manlegs and I both in that way. You’d think that class picture day was slow torture. We have to build her up for it, just … Continue reading Class Picture Day

Turbo’s Pumpkin

It was pumpkin carving night at Casa de Hattan. Pumpkin seeds are, I think, the only food that Turbo absolutely will not eat. She has tried them on several occasions, and just hates them. Straight up. Manlegs will eat them if they are sitting there, but he in no way HAS to have the pumpkin … Continue reading Turbo’s Pumpkin